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3 Things To Know About Chimney Cap Installation

With the fall season settling in on New England, it won’t be long before fires are going strong inside of residential homes. While the ambiance and warmth of a fire provide the perfect complement to the season, they also open the door for a more dangerous environment. At Seacoast Chimney, we pride ourselves on making homes a safer place with superior chimney cap installation.  

If you’re not familiar with chimney caps or the benefits they provide, you’ll definitely want to read this article.


What is a chimney cap?

If you’ve ever seen a wired or mesh cap on top of a chimney, then you’ve seen a chimney cap. These additional elements come in various styles to match seamlessly with the exterior design of your home. In addition, there is a top to prevent rain and downdrafts from entering. However, the benefits don’t stop there.


They help reduce moisture in your home.

Living in New England, especially on the seacoast, having moisture in your home is not an uncommon thing. However, if your residence has a chimney, you may notice higher than average amounts entering. Why? Well, your chimney is the perfect location for water to enter and settle. If left unattended, chimney moisture can cause damage to the mortar and other elements. With the addition of a chimney cap, you can eliminate a significant amount of water (rainfall, melting snow, etc.) from entering.


Say goodbye to unwanted pests.

Another unfortunate event of an open chimney is the open door for wildlife to coinhabit your home. From chipmunks to birds, the mesh of a chimney cap removes the possibility of entry.


Decreases the chance of a house fire.

There are several ways a chimney increases the chance of a house fire. From sparks escaping through the top of the chimney and landing on the roof to debris entering and building up inside of the chimney flute, the dangers are endless. However, when you deny these elements a point of entry or take away the means of escape, your home becomes a much safer environment.


At Seacoast Chimney, our professionals are here to assist you with the highest quality chimney cap installation in the New England region. For more information on the wide variety of caps available, please contact our office today by calling (800) 354-2751.


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