chimney rebuild

Preparing for a Chimney Rebuild

chimney rebuild

When it comes to owning property, the honey-do list can sometimes be overwhelming. Depending on the location of that property, the list can seem even more daunting when you consider seasonal elements. For instance, tackling a chimney rebuild during the New England winter season is not ideal. However, when emergencies happen, knowing how to prepare and what comes next is imperative.


Here, the professionals at Seacoast Chimney provide you with a brief overview to understand and prepare for a chimney rebuild – no matter what time of the year.


First, let us begin by defining a chimney rebuild. When you call your trusted chimney contractor to discuss this process, you’re discussing the complete tear-down and rebuilding process. Sure, this isn’t an ideal situation. However, when the chimney structure is on the verge of collapse, acting sooner rather than later can save your property from further damage and potential harm to those on the property.

Often, a rebuild is in order due to one simple element – the masonry work. No matter how meticulously built, when exposed to New England weather conditions, it’s inevitable that masonry joints and even brick itself will wear down. When this happens, there are a few telltale signs that rebuilding the masonry work is in order.


Water Penetration

Water damage can occur for many reasons. However, if you notice water entering the home near the chimney, chances are, you have masonry issues.

Visible Deterioration

You don’t have to be a trained professional to notice deterioration to brick and mortar. 

Leaning or Tilting

It should go unsaid, but if your chimney is no longer standing straight, there’s an issue!


The rebuild process and cost.

Of course, one of the first questions asked by any homeowner is how much a rebuild is going to cost. The answer is that it solely depends on the situation, why the rebuild is needed, and how much damage has occurred to the property. On average, a chimney rebuild can cost anywhere between $1,500 and $15,000. Your best bet is to contact your trusted chimney contractor to schedule a consultation to gauge the situation, the cost, and the timeframe for repair.


chimney rebuild

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