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Storing Firewood : Everything You Need to Know

With fall knocking at our door, many homeowners are beginning to prepare for the colder seasons ahead. From lawn cleanups to chimney maintenance, the honey-do list may seem like it will never end. However important each of these items are, there is one task that is often tackled wrong. 

Here, we’re looking at the do’s and don’ts of storing firewood.



Use a raised rack when storing firewood. Even if it seems more convenient to stack the pile on the ground, providing airflow to the firewood is a must. Air allows any moisture to escape, keeping mold at bay. The last thing you want is to burn mold covered wood in your home, releasing potentially harmful spores into the air.



Stack firewood too close to the house. While the rigid New England winters keep people inside, prepare to head outdoors to gather your firewood. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go too far. It’s recommended that stacking wood should be a minimum of five feet away from the house. This distance helps deter unwanted pests from coming inside.l



Protect your wood pile. While a rack is the first step in maintaining healthy firewood, there are other measures to consider as well. The most obvious of these is investing in a tarp or other type of covering to keep snow and moisture from settling into the wood. Another way to keep moisture out is to create a cement foundation under the wood stack. Whether you pour concrete or use a few patio blocks, a foundation further eliminates ground moisture from penetrating the wood.



Use the newest wood first. It may be tempting to grab the freshest log on the pile, but you want to burn old to new instead. By following this rule you can deter wood harboring pests that will settle into the older wood. Remember, first in, first out!


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