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Do You Need Chimney Maintenance In Spring?

Did you know that spring cleaning should include chimney maintenance? Landscape maintenance and interior reorganization may be important, but don’t forget to include your chimney! Even if you don’t use your fireplace on a regular basis, it is still beneficial to get regular maintenance done. The professionals at Seacoast Chimney will quickly inspect your entire chimney and bring hazardous elements to attention for your chimney to work properly. Here are some reasons why you should get your chimney inspected this spring!

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A Breath of Fresh Air

Did you know? Whenever you use your fireplace, creosote is deposited in your chimney flue. Creosote is a by-product of burning types of wood and coal in the form of a tar-like substance, and it has been linked to many health issues. 

Another issue that can arise is the change in weather during the late spring and early summer months. With the warmer weather comes humidity, and this moisture can get caught in your chimney, causing an odor to make its way inside your home. Getting a chimney inspection and cleaning will help the health of your family and your home. 

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Repair Damage

You may not use your chimney on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be damage! You may have damage to your chimney or flue liner, which can develop over time due to moisture seeping through exterior damage of the chimney. This can cause cracking along masonry and flue tiles. Once found, moisture damage should be repaired immediately to cut down on the extent of deterioration. 

Our professionals can repair moisture damage and protect from further damage with our Chimneysaver™, a concentration of a proprietary modified polysiloxane designed explicitly for chimneys. 

Schedule Your Chimney Maintenance

Want to beat the rush? Don’t wait to have your chimney inspected in the fall with everyone else! Schedule your chimney maintenance in the spring! The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends annual cleaning of your chimneys. An annual chimney inspection from our chimney professionals will ensure your residential or commercial property remains safe for regular use. 

Contact us today or call 800-354-2751 to schedule your chimney inspection!