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Do You Need a Chimney Rebuild?

Whether you use your fireplace or your chimney is the exhaust for your furnace, it is a key part of your home’s construction. Keeping it in good repair is essential to the safety and integrity of your home. If your chimney’s construction becomes severely compromised, repair might not be enough, and you may require a complete chimney rebuild. At Seacoast Chimney, repairing and maintaining your chimney is what we do, and that includes doing a complete rebuild if you need it.

Here’s how you know that you need a complete chimney rebuild.



Your chimney is supposed to be a straight structure that guides smoke, soot, and fumes up and away from your home. If your chimney is leaning in one direction rather than going straight up, that is a sign of significant damage and will require more than a simple repair. A leaning chimney is a sign of serious structural damage. The best way to fix the problem is to rebuild your chimney completely.


Damaged Mortar

The mortar is the material that keeps the bricks of your chimney together. Over time, the mortar deteriorates and breaks down, leading to structural problems with your chimney. If the damage is isolated to one area, a repair is usually enough to rectify the problem. However, if the damage extends to multiple areas of the chimney, a complete rebuild is the only safe solution.


Spalling and Efflorescence

Both spalling and efflorescence are signs of water damage. Spalling is when layers of brick chip or flake off. This happens when the brick absorbs water, and then the water freezes. Water expands when it freezes, causing pieces of the brick to flake off or chip. Efflorescence is a different type of water damage. The telltale sign of efflorescence is white bricks. When water seeps into the brick, it pulls the natural salts and minerals to the surface. When the water evaporates, the minerals stay behind, leaving a white layer on the outside of the brick. That residue easily washes off with soap and water, but it will not repair the water damage.


Need a Chimney Rebuild? Call Seacoast Chimney!

If your chimney needs a rebuild, you don’t have any time to waste. When you notice extensive damage to your chimney, call Seacoast Chimney. Our team is ready to do a chimney rebuild and have your home and chimney back to prime condition in no time.


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