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The Importance of a Chimney Video Inspection

Every chimney deserves a good cleaning. Here’s why we use video for chimney inspections!


It’s time for spring cleaning, and a chimney video inspection is the best way to make sure your chimney gets the inspection it needs! If you’ve held off on a chimney inspection for longer than a year or you forgot to clean out the debris in the Fall, the professionals at Seacoast Chimney can help! With the assistance of our High-Definition video inspections, we can ensure the safety of your residential or commercial property with our in-depth chimney inspections. 


Here are three reasons why we recommend getting a video inspection with the experts at Seacoast Chimney. 


Thorough Inspections

Did you know? The NFPA Code 211 states that, at minimum, chimneys, fireplaces, and wood stoves should be inspected annually. While a thorough chimney inspection is always our guarantee, the use of our hi-definition video inspection can provide an accurate diagnosis in a short time. While it is the largest component of the chimney, the flue is also the most inaccessible to homeowners. That’s where our Seacoast Chimney video inspection comes in! 


The inspector will navigate a camera through the flue during a video chimney inspection. This makes it easier to inspect the area without any error. Our video can accurately diagnose any issues, including cracks, obstructions, pest damage, debris build-up, and more.


Some Issues We May Find Include:

  • Masonry Cracks
  • Flue Liner Damage
  • Water Leaks
  • Rusted or Corroded Damper


Visual Records

Thinking of selling your house or condo? Make sure you get a video inspection before you sell! Having a visual record of a chimney inspection adds extra security and peace of mind to you and the buyers. 


Any issues shown during a video inspection can be repaired and insured before your move. And in the case of a fire or issues that occur once you’ve sold your home, this video inspection can be provided to resolve any dispute on your liability as the seller. 


Get Your Chimney Video Inspection Today! 

Hii-definition video inspection is just another excellent service we offer. As members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild, Seacoast Chimney is your team of chimney maintenance experts. Our experts are qualified to provide various chimney maintenance and installation services to residents along the New England coastline. 


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