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3 Benefits of a Chimney Video Inspection

Chimney inspections are important for several reasons. They can help spot damage that needs to be fixed and ensure safety for both your home and family. This month, we’re discussing three different benefits you can inspect when you have a chimney video inspection. 

But first, let’s get into the difference between a regular chimney inspection and a video inspection.


Regular Chimney Inspection Vs. Chimney Video Inspection

The main difference between a regular chimney inspection and a chimney video inspection is the level of detail they provide. A regular inspection is limited to what the chimney sweep can see with the naked eye. While a chimney video inspection provides a much more detailed examination of the chimney. This level of detail can help to identify potential hazards that may not be visible during a regular inspection. 

Another difference is that a chimney video inspection is less invasive than a regular inspection. During a regular inspection, the chimney sweep may need to dismantle parts of the chimney or remove the chimney cap to examine the chimney more closely. This can be a time-consuming and potentially damaging process. With a chimney video inspection, the chimney sweep can examine the interior of the chimney without disturbing its structure.

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The primary benefit of a chimney video inspection is that it helps to ensure the safety of a building and its occupants. A chimney video inspection provides a visual examination of the inside of a chimney and can identify potential hazards such as cracks, blockages, and other damage that could lead to chimney fires or carbon monoxide leaks. By catching these issues early, homeowners and building managers can prevent dangerous situations from occurring.


A video inspection can help with regular maintenance of the chimney. During an inspection, the chimney sweep can identify areas that need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. This can extend the lifespan of the chimney and prevent costly repairs in the future. Regular chimney inspections can also help to keep the chimney functioning at its best. This ensures that the chimney is safely venting fumes from heating and cooking appliances.

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Energy Efficiency 

A video inspection can help to increase energy efficiency in a building. An inspection can identify any leaks or cracks in the chimney that may be allowing heat to escape. These leaks can cause the heating system to work harder, leading to higher energy bills. By fixing these leaks, homeowners and building managers can save on energy costs and improve the efficiency of their heating system.

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